No one ever lays out how hard it is to build a business from the ground up. No one ever sat down with us and described every single frustration and setback that comes with building a business. They didn’t tell us it would take six trips back and forth to the home improvement store before getting the lighting situation settled. Or that we would have to drive a steady 30 MPH on the highway to avoid the sheetrock taking flight off the car roof. They didn’t tell us that we would find ourselves returning the new Apple iPad we bought as the company’s main computer three times in three weeks before finally buying the one that best suits the business needs. As a matter of fact, the only thing people ever did tell us is that the end result would be worth it.

There were days Nick felt complacent and frustrated. He had ideas brewing for his next line of jewelry but no finished space to create and execute. That’s when a fire had to be lit to get the ball rolling on the studio. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the studio certainly wasn’t going to be either. We were certain studio progress was essential to the progression of the company so a plan was put in place for the studio project to get going. Fast forward two weeks and we had transformed the space from a spider-filled, cluttered mess, to a space that embodied our vision of Nick DeDo.

The endless creepy crawlers we’ve encountered while clearing the basement, the day’s the smell of bleach and paint lingered so strong we were convinced we wouldn’t breathe normal ever again, and the endless hours spent driving back and forth with receipts hand in hand for returns was without a doubt worth it. It was all worth it. Every minute, every hour, every day. All to build a studio that would allow Nick to follow his dream and pursue his artistic passions. Creating a space for was worth it and we’d do it all over again for the company if we ever had to.

The Best Is Yet To Come!