I’ve ventured on a new daily routine as of recently – to be mindful in all aspects of my life. Mindfulness takes rigorous practice and is not something that can be adopted instantly. The ability to continue to try when certain instances steer in the opposite direction is essential. There is no right or wrong way to participate, the only necessity is daily incorporation to reach success. The urge to be present, maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness to help pay attention to not only your boundaries and the activities transpiring within them, but also the boundaries of those around you. Mindfulness is a practice that exhibits immediate results of relief and calmness and can open your mind to being kind. My constant reminder in my daily acts of pursuing mindfulness, both internal and external – is that if I can at a minimum be anything, it is to be kind.

During our most recent photo-shoot for the launch of nickdedo.com, I was able to utilize mindfulness to understand what was transpiring in the boundaries of those around me. We sat on the ideas of who we wanted to model for our company as well as who we thought would be able to best capture our jewelry products in non-stock photos. Then it hit us. Our answers were right in front of us. My cousins, Nicole and Erica were kind enough to agree to model for us. One is blonde and the other is brunette, which was the only major criteria we had set in mind for the two individuals we were seeking. Both were the perfect fit. Our photographer, Steve, is one of Nick’s lifelong friends – and a photographer behind the everyday scenes. His pictures are impeccable and his turn around time is astonishing. We could not have made a better decision pursuing the three of them for our launch. Nicole and Erica meshed behind the camera lens so well together, and were avid cheerleaders when shooting individually. There is much to be said about two women who lift each other up, not tear each other down. They voluntarily acted as a team, seeking to complete rather than compete. I was so pleasantly proud in that moment.

We shot at a location in Connecticut, an unknown territory to most in-state residents. Harkness Memorial State Park is a 230-acre park that has the best-hidden botanical gardens. The scenery is fascinating and suits the look of all Nick DeDo jewelry collections to a tee. The greenery and blossoms in the botanical gardens are so fervently taken care of, to exhibit a twist on old-world charm. Coincidentally, that motto coincides with Nick DeDo collections and is the reason we knew we had to shoot there – the location and the visions we have for our company meshed so purely. Harkness holds a special place in our hearts as Nick and I used to delegate time from our busy week to walk around the park together to recharge and relax. Engulf yourself in the beauty of the nature exhibited at the park while being mindful of the current moment and I guarantee the feeling of rejuvenation, despite the number of things on your plate.

The criteria for our launch shoot was simple. We were looking to capture high-definition photos that displayed the uniqueness and quality of the jewelry from the past Organic Original collection as well as the new Ayers Point Collection in a different realm outside of traditional stock photos. It was in our best interest to come out of the photo-shoot with photos that would push our product through one simple glimpse. We were more than happy with the outcome, and so pleasantly proud of the kindness exhibited throughout the process. Tune mindfulness into your every day routine so you don’t overlook what’s happening in not only your boundaries, but in the boundaries of those around you.

The Best Is Yet To Come!