What’s different about Nick DeDo jewelry? 

Nick DeDo revolves entirely around art, blurring the lines between sculpture and jewelry that commands attention and does more than just sparkle and shine. Our mission at Nick DeDo is to bring art back to the forefront of importance; to define and remind people what personality and character can offer. Our commitment to preserve old world traditions of handcrafted gold and silver jewelry is evident at the very first glance.

Why buy Nick DeDo jewelry?

Making art is about starting a conversation that would otherwise cease to exist. It’s about starting a movement… Nick DeDo jewelry encompasses passion, craftsmanship and unique aesthetic. The pieces have been touched by hands that care immensely, and have been worked to exhibit there best, most desirable qualities.

Where is Nick DeDo jewelry created?

All Nick DeDo jewelry is created at the Nick DeDo studio on the Connecticut shoreline. This includes the beginning stages of the pieces which are formulated by preliminary sketches and continues through to the finished products available both on our website and on store shelves. We encourage you to take a look at our current and upcoming Nick DeDo products!