Who is Nick DeDo?

Nick DeDominicis, applies his background in sculpture to his true passion – creating fine jewelry. Nick’s designs begin as preliminary sketches that evolve into a collection of signature pieces made with solid Sterling Silver and 14 karat Gold. His inspiration revolves around art, blurring the lines between sculpture and jewelry with a commitment to preserving classic craftsmanship while combining modern style that commands attention. He believes that making art opens the doors to conversations that would otherwise cease to exist. All pieces in the Nick DeDo collections are created from start to finish on the Connecticut shoreline.


The Story:

The story begins when Nick needed 3 college credits in an elective unrelated to his Exercise Science major. He chose an art course, but little did he know that this class would completely change the trajectory of his life.

An assignment led him to sculpt a bust of no one in particular. During the critique his professor and classmates asked if it was a self-portrait. Nick answered “no” although it became evident that it did strangely resemble him.

Nick had unleashed a passion for creating art, a feeling he had never felt before. He later discovered that he was a descendant of a long line of Italian sculptors with the lineage stopping when his grandfather, whom he had never met, passed away at an early age. Ironically, a newspaper article and photo of his grandfather (Carmine DeDominicis) surfaced. Both the article and photo presented an uncanny resemblance to the bust which now sits on a pedestal in his home, reminding him of where he came from and why he has a passion for the arts.

Nick’s work has evolved using his medium of choice, solid sterling silver and solid gold to create sculptural fine jewelry. Customers realize when they see the iii brand (letters derived from the name DeDominicis) that his style, quality and workmanship are ‘second to none’ and a unique component in the industry today.


The Team:

Nick DeDo
Owner, Designer

Andrea Esposito
Director of Marketing and Sales

Damiano Ali


Please inquire about custom work, we love to partner with stores to tailor each piece to there customers needs and desires.